Pre-auction consulting
Eric David Auctions will meet with you and your volunteers at the initial planning stages of your auction to inspire creative procurement ideas, advise on silent and live item order and maximize revenue opportunities like Fund-A-Need and bidding frenzy. This is included as part of the auctioneering services.

Specializing in benefit auctions, auctioneer Eric Mamroth, offers an easy to understand, yet exciting auctioneering style. Eric David Auctions auctioneering services includes early arrival to conduct a sound and lighting check, silent auction section closings and live auction sales. Eric will even preside over the event as master of ceremonies.

Assistant auctioneers
When you want to ensure not one bid goes unnoticed, Assistant Auctioneers are crucial to your success, especially for auctions in-the-round. Assistant Auctioneers identify easily missed bids in the audience and communicate them to the auctioneer, thereby increasing revenue.

Announcers describe the live item up for auction before the auctioneer begins the bidding. They create excitement in an item and ensure the audience knows what item is being auctioned and its value.

Cashiering and check-out
Eric David Auctioneers will coordinate with our partners to make your check-out process quick and easy for your guests.

Recorders capture all of the fund-a-need and top live auction bids and bidders and keep a cumulative total. They then convey final totals to the auctioneer to announce.

Volunteer training
Ensure your event runs smoothly by having well trained volunteers. We will train your volunteers during an evening or weekend, or the night of the event before the doors open.